Lockdown circus!

‘Let’s Circus’ did a performance in the open-air Woodhorn Mining Museum. The Circus was testing out with a small audience how to put on a show safely, and with live-streaming. Izzy and Bo were lucky to be in the audience. Here’s what they thought:

Izzy (age 13) says: This was my first time out since quarantine and lockdown. It was social distanced as we all had our own bubbles to stay in. It felt very surreal to be sitting in an audience and watching an interesting performance without getting close to anyone. At the same time, the show was also getting live streamed, even someone from Texas tuned in.

Bo (age 10) says: Pretty much everyone was wearing masks and it felt a bit strange but I got used to it. There were a lot of incredible performances – I was amazed. It started off strong with the trapeze artists Freya and Wilf. My favourite act was the finale. He had to jump through six hurdles with increasing difficulty. The first was small metal spikes. The second was large spikes. Then fire, then kitchen knives. The last hurdle was a gigantic flame. He had to do all of these blindfolded.

Izzy says: It was performed at an old coal mine and the surroundings really added to the overall experience. The audience walked around five different acts spread out all around the mine. Seeing all the amazing buildings and then watching all these acts created an incredibly good show. The downside of everyone wearing masks was the fact that it was difficult to read people’s thoughts by their facial expressions. You couldn’t see if people were smiling, which made the experience feel even more surreal. All in all, I think it was a fantastic show and a great, safe way to get people out of the house and have some fun.

Here’s the link to the museum – if you’re anywhere in Northumberland, hope you can get there sometime! https://museumsnorthumberland.org.uk/woodhorn-museum/