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Who we are and how we work

Kids Together is an online magazine – a new way of getting together,  a place to share experiences while you can’t meet – and with kids you haven’t yet met!

the editors
Getting together before lockdown

The idea –  I am a grandmother and a writer (my website link is below). I know it’s fun to share what you’ve done, and I wanted to give that chance to children who are finding new ways to do things under lockdown. Though there are some hard things about it, there might also be more time to be creative. 

The editors are a group of children aged between 11 and 14. We have had a few zoom meetings, they came up with the ideas of what could go into the magazine, and wrote the invitation to other children to contribute. They will look at the contributions that come in. 

The website – a couple of the editors helped choose the website format and our designer, Becky, has put it all up for us. The editors will be learning to manage it, and helping decide what goes where, if we need new pages on new topics, etc. 

Contributors – We welcome contributions from any child able to write enough to say what they are doing or describe experiences. Space permitting, we hope to publish something from each child who sends in an entry. It’s great to have a photo showing the activity, as that keeps the magazine lively. (Have a look at our Privacy Statement about this.) We are based in Britain but we would love contributions from anywhere. They can be in any language, with a translation into English as that’s what most of our readers will understand.

Parents/grandparents/teachers/adult friends – It will be great if you can encourage children you know to contribute, and have the fun of seeing their ideas published.  If a child wants to contribute but needs help, that’s OK – e.g. If they don’t much like writing but want to do a drawing, ask them to tell you what they want to say about the picture, and you can write it for them. It needs to be fun – a challenge maybe, but not a chore.

Readers – all of us, and anyone you know. Please share the link – and send us any ideas for future issues.


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