Escape Room … Mad scientist !

Make your own Escape Room

Escape Rooms are a real-life game experience. Before lockdown you could pay to visit them with your family and friends. You would be ‘locked’ in a room and have to solve themed puzzles to get out. It’s like being a detective! Themes can be: Santa’s Workshop … Pirates Treasure Box … anything really! They are great fun but expensive – so we make our own at home.

Me and my step brother and sister made our own Escape Room, which our parents had to try and escape from. Its theme was ‘Mad Scientist finds Corona Virus Cure!’ We set them up with all the ingredients for the cure in my step brother’s bedroom. They had to find clues, solve riddles, unscramble anagrams, mix ingredients and do maths!

The challenge was to escape from the room within 20 minutes by finding all the ingredients for the cure. We set them up with a laptop, and we were in the next room with an iPhone and we had a Zoom meeting running between the rooms so we could watch them do the puzzles.  When they found the cure we let them out and they solved it in 16 minutes!

from Isla (13) with Zahira (12) and Zeph (8)