Rewilding the meadow

Yesterday my dad, my sister Cece and I went to visit a local flower meadow. The owner of the field, Robert took us through lots of fields to get to the meadow. In one of the fields we saw Robert’s prize bull. It has a ring through its nose. Robert made sure we were very safe. He also told us lots  about the flowers and what they are called. The type of flower we saw the most is called the oxeye daisy. The oxeye daisy is like a daisy but is taller and larger. I learnt that flowers close up at night but open up in the morning . This takes about 3 hrs.

oxeye daisy


The visit to the meadow was interesting as it taught me a little bit about re-wilding. Re-wilding is about letting nature take care of itself with its own natural processes. This helps to re build damaged eco systems. North Brewham, where I live is part of a re-wilding project that our neighbour, Ben Goldsmith is doing. I am excited to see what he does

Seth, aged 9