Helping grandma remake her pebble garden

from Jack, age 9, and Johan, age 6 

We live on the Isle of North Uist in the Outer Hebrides. Grandma asked us if we would like to help her to remake the pebble garden outside her back door and we said yes we would.  It took us about four weeks to do it.

It was very overgrown with earth and grass and weeds. The pebbles were completely covered over. You couldn’t see them. It was a real mess as you can see in the first photo.

We used a knife, a trowel, a small fork and a Japanese knife. We had two wheelbarrows for the big stones and two big bowls for the pebbles, and four buckets for the grass and mud, which had to be emptied lots of times.

It was really hard work and we worked really hard, pulling up all the earth and the grass and the weeds and all the stones and pebbles. We could only work on it a bit at a time because it was so tiring. The second photo gives an idea of how many stones we dug up. 

We put a membrane down to cover the earth so that the weeds won’t grow through, and then we put the big stones back. The third photo shows how it looked when we were done – with the big and little pebbles, and we added a waterfall of white quartz pebbles.

done: lined & pebbles in place

We are very pleased that we achieved it and we had a very nice time doing it.