Making the best of lockdown

Eloise, Nicola, Zac, with their Mum & dog on the Easter scavenger hunt

In Australia, we have been lucky as we have a much lower Covid19 infection rate and deaths compared to many other parts of the world. This is due to lots of testing and strict lockdown rules that  were established very early on.
 Our school created the Atheneum Learning Pathway, and we all transitioned into online school for a few weeks. We attended different video calls for each class. We liked the format more than original school as we felt more independent and realised how draining normal school is. We liked being able to choose when we learn, and the way we learn, we liked being able to go outside and take a break when we wanted and we really liked and needed the extra sleep we got. However, we really did miss our friends and being able to see them face to face.

After a while the government changed the rules. It allowed for an interaction with one other person outside of the house. I (Eloise) went on bike rides with my friend and Nicola went to her friend everyday. We both used this a lot as a way to stay active and still be able to see our friends, which we both found was a really good coping mechanism for everything that was going on. 

At Easter time, someone in our neighbourhood organised a scavenger hunt. 60 families took part and everyone social distanced from each other. All the families who took part, put up something Easter related outside their house and left a clue for other families to find.  It was great fun. 

Everything feels like it has returned to almost normal now, we are back at school and we get to see our friends. However, there is still an air of caution in Australia  that won’t go away for a long time. 

From Eloise, on behalf of her, Nicola and Zac