exercising in the garden

Exercising in lockdown

exercising in the garden
Maya – keeping fit with my Uncle Ashley

In the lockdown I have been doing an exercise class with my Uncle. His name is Ashley and he is a fitness teacher. At the moment he cannot go to work in a gym, so he is teaching people online in our garden. Uncle Ashley mixes boxing and exercising together and plays loud and very funky music. Its quite difficult doing the classes and Uncle Ashley sweats a lot! His classes are half an hour long and there are lots of different exercises to do. I like doing the warm-up best. Daddy had already taught me how to do different boxing moves and how to always keep your guard up. The exercise I miss the most in the lockdown are my swimming classes. They are very fun and at the end, sometimes we get a longer playtime than usual if we are good. I’m really looking forward to going back to swimming when I can, but for now at least I can do boxing in my garden with Uncle Ashley. Mummy could never make it through the whole half an hour class my Uncle does, even if she tried!

By Maya, age 7

Editor’s note: Maya told her mum what she wanted to say and her mum typed it – they thought this was the quickest way to do it.