Art lessons with Nanny

Nanny’s name is Pam Williams. She is 85 and has lived in Cardiff her whole life. She is an artist and has been teaching art for 65 years!

We have art classes with Nanny every week on Zoom. Me and my little brother Tay started to do these lessons because of Covid-19, as part of our Home Education. We have quite a lot of difficult times getting on to Zoom together but it’s getting easier every time as we all get used to the technology.

Nanny teaches us quite a lot in each lesson which is really cool. Sometimes we wonder what’s going on, but by the end of the lesson we’ve always done something awesome. In one of the lessons we drew a horse upside down, which strangely made it easier somehow. I don’t know how it works, maybe it’s because you’re not focussing on what a horse should look like, more on how the shapes are. We’ve made a colour wheel too, and it was really fun mixing paints. Then we painted a yellow banana on a purple back-ground! My favourite creation has been a painting I made of a yellow paint tube with a splodge of yellow paint next to it.

Another time we learnt about the Dutch artist M. C Escher (born 1898). He drew tessellations, which are like puzzles, the same shape yet still fitting together like the Yin-Yang symbol. Escher did a lot of tile designs.

We also have a good laugh during the classes. This one time something really funny happened: I was eating a banana and Nanny thought it was my brother eating it because I guess we look similar, and also Tay eats a lot during our art classes! So, I was trying to tell her it was me who was eating. I said, ‘It’s ME Nanny!’ and she mis-heard and replied with, “Yes, I know that that banana is REAL! You really like bananas don’t you Tay?” We all thought it was really funny.

When we are doing the art and we have to show Nanny our drawing, I feel excited to see what she thinks about my work. If she likes it, I feel proud of myself. Having these lessons has inspired me to do more art. I didn’t really do much art before but now I’m drawing almost every day, probably because I enjoy it so much as a result of these classes – so, thank you to our amazing Grandmother!

Briog, aged 12